A Comprehensive Guide to Project Management

Every day that you get things done, that you accomplish a co-ordinated series of tasks with the help of different pieces of information, tools, people while controlling various events, you manage and successfully conclude projects.

Professionally, whether you work as a writer, a marketer, a software developer, a construction worker, a mailman, or an artist and whether or not you are officially called a project manager, you have always managed a project.

It is said that project management is one of the oldest professions and that the oldest project is that of the Pyramids in Egypt, back in 2500 BC. If you look at modern instances of successful and memorable projects in the history of the world, the best examples could be the Hoover Dam, the Transcontinental Railroad project, The Manhattan Project, and many more around the world. The need for a more conspicuous framework for construction and manufacturing during the industrial revolution throughout the 19th-century, lead to the birth of project management as we recognize it today.

Today, project management is more critical than ever, and 93% of organizations report using standardized project management practices. (PMI)