All-in-One Project Management Software

All the toolchains you need for a truly collaborative workplace – From requirements gathering, design, development, tracking, testing, collaboration, and releases. It all starts here

Why Xebrio Project Management Software?

Power-packed features that ensure nothing falls through the crack


Requirements Management


Tasks Management


Test Coverage and Bugs Tracking


Milestone Tracker and Release Management


Integrations, Reports, Dashboard, Views and more

Start your projects the right way

Gather and manage requirements efficiently with robust requirements management features

Plan your projects successfully

Break down your projects easily into tasks and track milestones to ensure that your projects stay on track

Deliver projects with ease

Optimize your processes and empower your team members to work, innovate, and deliver projects effectively

Manage all testing activities in a unified manner

Define and execute test cases and test suites in test sessions for requirements, and report bugs

How it works?

Xebrio is a modern way of managing projects by focusing on the business – regardless of the type, methodology, or process. Flexible platform that drives better communication, collaboration, and processes that scale, all built to empower individuals and teams.

  • Use custom item types as your business needs
  • Create a seamless collaboration experience to work smarter and improve visibility
  • Standardize and scale work for success
  • GDPR and SOC Type-1 Compliance

Effortlessly integrate with the toolchains that you already use. Use Xebrio out-of-the-box integrations with Jira, and Github to bring all your information and context onto a single platform – Xebrio.


Project Planning

Create holistic project plans to understand tasks and other dependencies to execute projects seamlessly.

Resource Management

Plan, acquire, distribute, and allocate your project resources throughout the project so your team can work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Project Management

Write project requirements, derive tasks and milestones, assign roles to team members, manage test activities, and release projects.

Analytics & Reporting

Get the consolidated project data with a complete dashboard and create, share, and publish reports. Get the real-time data of open projects on a complete dashboard in a single view.

Project Delivery

Organize assorted teams on a single platform, enabling all participants to collaborate, develop new ideas, and successfully deliver projects.

Streamline your projects by bringing your team, tools, and data together in one place