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    Guidelines for Guest Blog

    Thanks in advance for choosing to write for us. Before we proceed, here are a few guidelines for the guest blog:

    1. Our audience comprises project managers, project members, business owners, and anyone interested in project management.
    2. We accept topics around requirements management, project management, and product management.
    3. The article should be of a minimum of 1500 words.
    4. Add a short author bio of 20 words. We will support an external link only in the author’s bio. The link should refer to the author’s information if published somewhere.
    5. Submit a well-researched article with data and statistics, as you will be liable for the content you submit.
    6. We accept up to three images. Ensure the image sizes are 1200X630 pixels.
    7. The article you submit must be original. You cannot republish the same article elsewhere. The article also cannot be reprinted in other publications.
    8. Whatever article you choose to write should be relevant to the audience mentioned above. It should also be relevant for the next two years.
    9. Use clear and precise language. Avoid unnecessary jargon.
    10. Refrain from using abusive language or from making defamatory statements in the article.