Test Case Management Tool

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Test Case Management System

Test Cases

Ensuring quality software is developed and maintained with the aid of test cases.

  • Create a test case for any application or software in minutes from a requirement with Xebrio.
  • Setting up and maintaining a test case library for applications/software.
  • Ensuring that all required conditions are fulfilled before executing the test case.
Test Plans

Prevent mistakes in testing by having a test plan in place

  • Define the work products that will be tested and how they will be tested.
  • Allocate test resources among the testers in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Stay on top of your testing progress by reviewing the test plan on a regular basis.
  • Avoid out-of-scope functionalities with test plans.

Execute requirements linked test cases in builds

  • With Xebrio, you can build and execute tests faster than ever before.
  • You can easily find and link bugs from failed tests to requirements, so you know exactly where the problem lies.
  • Keep track of your test execution dates and estimated hours of completion – so you can stay on schedule.
  • View detailed test execution summaries for each build, so you can see where the problems were and how they were fixed.

    Test Sessions

    • Easily create and execute requirement linked test cases with test session.
    • Speed up the bug fixing process by running multiple test sessions until the bugs are fixed.
    • Make release candidate decision making easier by carrying out test sessions before releasing a new version of the product.

    Test Case Templates

    Save your existing test cases as templates and use them across all the projects.

    • Quickly build test cases templates in projects.
    • Modify to suit the needs of your project or product.

    Make Xebrio your one stop place to manage all your requirements