Requirements Management

Ensure product development goals are successfully met with Xebrio’s Requirements Management

requirements management software

Why Xebrio Requirements Management Software?

Ensures that requirements are captured, tracked, and managed from inception to delivery


Formalize requirements collaboratively


Manage requirement changes


Create change requests and analyze impacts


Visualize requirements traceability


Associate testing activities with requirements


Get your project off the ground quickly and efficiently with our custom and standard based requirements templates.

Approval Workflow

Get stakeholder’s approval for requirements changes, faster and easier.

Change Requests

Manage your change requests in a single placed traceability. Get estimates for changes and track their progress.

Versioning & Version Changes

Easily keep track of changes made to your requirements.


Set and manage upstream and downstream dependencies, their impact on your requirements.


A better understanding of your product’s journey from conception to completion.

Achieve more

Custom Requirements Types

Built in and custom requirements types to get the best possible solution.

Group Actions

Perform bulk actions on requirements. Send for review, mark as final, add contributors, add reviewers, add co-owners.


Easily bring your existing requirements into Xebrio using CSV import.


Export all or selective requirements to PDF and CSV.

Real time collaboration

Collaborate quickly and easily with your team-mates during requirement gathering so that you can all remain on the same page every time.

Wait…there’s more to it

Save time during your daily work by finding what you need right away.

Manage both short and long-term requirements with priorities.

Identify where the requirements are in the requirements life cycle.

Facilitate team collaboration by sharing files, attachments with your team instantly.

Leave notes on requirements within your project. You can use comments to ask questions, provide updates, and communicate with your team.

Keep track of the hours spent on individual requirements and on the project as a whole.

Make Xebrio your one stop place to manage all your requirements