Requirements Change Management

Change requests and requirements: making sure everything’s in order

Why is it important to have a change request process?

A structured change request procedure enhances your project’s chances of success. These changes impact a project’s resources such as time, budget, and scope.
Change request management informs keeps all stakeholders in loop about the changes. A change request procedure ensures that everyone is aware of the change, its purpose, the implications for their individual roles within the project, and its overall effects.

Effective project management relies heavily on communication. In the end, a change request management procedure aids in ensuring that all parties involved receive and comprehend change requests.

Define the scope of change

Describe the scope of change to design, implement, and execute change requests

Get change requests approved

Get stakeholder approval for requirement changes

Communicate and implement change

Communicate any requirement changes with the project team

Streamline your change management process and keep your project requirements organized