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Connect to all of your project data in one place


  • Link GitHub pull requests and commits to Xebrio tasks and bugs, merge pull requests and review changes in pull requests there and then in the context of a task or bug.
  • Centralize and visualize all your software development data in one place.
  • Get to know the code changes while implementing a task or fixing a bug within Xebrio.
  • Link all your GitHub repositories in Xebrio Project.
  • Collaborate with your development team to complete your projects on time.


  • Bring Jira issues into Xebrio projects and link them with Xebrio requirements.
  • Centralize and visualize data around design and implementation phases in one place.
  • Get the summary of the latest test executions and associated test cases, and requirement specifications.
  • Export all your project/product requirements to a pdf document for sharing.

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