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    About The Book

    If you are an IT services company with clients who keep changing their project requirements frequently and communicate these changes through informal channels, then this E-book is for you. 

    Countless IT services companies have faced revenue losses, client disengagement, and sometimes bad reputation for the abovementioned reasons. 

    It doesn’t end here. Many companies aren’t entirely paid for the work or face delayed payments. A good part of this problem can be solved if project requirements gathering is formalized and transparent. 

    This E-book dives deep into the problem and provides a solution through Xebrio Requirements Management Software. 

    What’s inside

    Chapter 1

    The Trouble with Traditional Methods 

    1.1   The Pitfalls of Informal Requirements Gathering

    1.2   Ambiguous or Incomplete Requirements

    1.3   Overlooking Non-functional Requirements

    1.4   Inadequate Change Management

    1.6   Uncovering the Hidden Dangers of Spreadsheets

    1.7   Why traditional Project management Tools Aren’t Enough


    Chapter 2

    Why a Dedicated Requirements Management Tool Is the Solution 

    2.1   Formalized Approval Workflow

    2.2   Requirements Version Tracking

    2.3   Requirements Traceability

    2.4   Prioritizing Requirements 

    2.5   Enhanced Collaboration and Real-time Updates

    2.6   Automated Reporting and Analytics

    2.7    Integration with Existing Tools and Platforms

    Minimize IT Project Chaos by Managing Requirements Effectively