View your work in the way that works best for you


Get a better understanding of your requirements

Tree View
  • Easily manage your requirements and related documents in hierarchy.
  • Manage folders as appropriate to the respective project, and find what you’re looking for in a snap.
  • Easily share requirements, documents, and files with your team members.
  • Stay organized and on top of your projects.
Page View
  • The flat list view makes it easy to see all the requirements for a specific project in one place along with their master details.
  • The Requirements List can be filtered by status (type, status, priority, owner, contributor, tag, and more).The Requirements List is automatically sorted by the requirement id.
  • You can easily navigate to any requirement by using the filters or search bar.

Page View

Easy to view all the tasks, bugs, and milestones in a project along with their master details

List View

Group tasks, bugs and milestones together and display them vertically in a scrollable list

Card View

organize tasks and bugs into actionable groups.

Make Xebrio your one stop place to manage all your requirements