Project Management Resources for Every Project Management Enthusiast

As a project leader, project manager, student, or just a project management enthusiast, you would know that project management is a highly-coveted career. Qualified project managers are sought-after by organizations.

They possess incredible attention to detail, are great team players, and team leaders as they have to handle different projects and complete them successfully within time and budget.

However, it helps to brush up on the knowledge to improve every once in a while. Whether you’re stuck on project planning, budgeting, or delegating work, you never know where you might find the solution; in a Facebook post, a Quora thread, or even a book.

As there are a number of online resources for project managers, we decided to compile extensive resources to help every project manager achieve their best.
We have divided the project management resources into blogs, courses, social media groups, Quora spaces, podcasts, journals, YouTube channels, influencers, news sites, magazines, and books.
So, take a gander at the list we have compiled below:

1. Courses

  1. Project Management Essentials Certificate by Purdue University

This course from Purdue University fulfills the 35 hours requirement of project management education for taking the Project Management Professional examination. This course has been designed for new project managers looking to upskill themselves.

  1. Complete Product Management Interview Course

This short course is perfect to ace the product manager interview and secures your dream job. This course has been divided into ten sections. Each section covers a different aspect of product management with sample questions, videos, and interview tips.

  1. Associate in Project Management by Global Association for Quality Management

The Associate in Project Management (APM) is a globally recognized credential. Securing the APM certification will open up the world of project management for you and demonstrate your knowledge in the field of Project Management Resources.

  1. BVOP Certified Project Manager

The BVOP certification equips people with product management, people management, technology development practices. It shapes leaders who can make effective decisions and positively influence teams and projects.

  1. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

The Certified Associate in Project Management will add another string to your bow and set you apart from your peers in the job market. This course will easily handle large-scale projects or add project management skills to your repertoire.

  1. Certified Project Director

The Certified Project Director is a prestigious level of project management credential. The CPD has been designed for senior and experienced project management executives who wish to go beyond the PPM.

  1. Certified Scrum Master

Begin your journey as a Scrum Master by enrolling in the Certified Scrum Master course. This course will help you gain a deeper understanding of Scrum that you can use in your profession.

  1. CompTIA Project+

The CompTIA Project+ is perfect for business professionals who already have a working knowledge of project management. Professionals who are required to manage simple projects should apply for this course.

  1. Master Project Manager (MPM)

Project managers who have experience of more than three years can apply for the Master Project Manager (MPM) course. The certification is awarded to candidates who meet education, training, experience, industry knowledge, ethics, and continuing education requirements.

  1. PRINCE 2 Foundation/ PRINCE 2 Practitioner

The PRINCE 2 Foundation builds a theoretical foundation for planning, managing, and delivering projects. The PRINCE 2 Practitioner course teaches how to apply the theories one learns in the Foundation course. The PRINCE 2 Foundation is a prerequisite to the Practitioner course.

  1. Professional in Project Management

The Professional in Project Management or PMP, a 45 to 50 hours course, delves directly into project management’s ‘How-To’s.’ It provides practical guidance tools, techniques, and processes in the current working world.

  1. Project Management Professional (PMP)

Certified by Project Management Institute, the Project Management Professional or the PMP is the world’s leading project management certification. You can take this exam at your convenience, from your home or office.

  1. Program Management Professional (PgMP)

A certification designed for senior-level program managers, the Program Management Professional exam gives you an advantage in your future employment and promotion.

  1. Certified Project Manager (IAPM)

If you have a basic knowledge of project management, the Certified Project Manager (IAPM) course is perfect for you. The exam covers all factors included in project management.

  1. PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

Become a multi-faceted project manager with the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner. This course covers multiple methods such as Agile, Scrum, Lean, extreme programming, and test-driven development.

2. LinkedIn Groups

  1. Project Manager Community – Best Group for Project Management

The Project Manager Community, provided by, is for project, program, and portfolio management enthusiasts. You can find jobs, discuss, meet one another and even learn about PMI, PM, PMP certifications, and more.

  1. PMI Project, Program and Portfolio Management

This is an official group of Project Management Institute created for everyone, from aspiring project manager to PMO leaders who wish to network and exchange project management know-how with one another.

  1. Project Management Professionals PMP

The Project Management Professionals PMP group is for all certified and non-certified project managers. You can post all types of content this group, including advertisements.

  1. Project Management Link

If you are a Project / Program / Portfolio Manager, PMO professional, or a SCRUM Master interested in discussing best practices, methodologies, frameworks, tools, or any relevant topics, join the Project Management Link group on LinkedIn.

  1. Association for Project Management Discussion Forum

The award-winning APM’s LinkedIn group helps project management professionals’ network and connect and discuss topics of interest with one another.

  1. Project Management Technology Trends | Blockchain Projects (BIG)

This group has been created for professional discussions, engagement, and development within the project management community.

  1. Agile Project Management Group

The Agile Project Management Group is a group of professionals who believe in agile project management methods. You can also share job postings on this group.

3. Facebook Groups

  1. Project Management

This Facebook group is for those who wish to learn project management for free. Discuss and share all things related to project management.

  1. Project Management Professional

The Project Management Professional group is perfect for those appearing for the PMP exam. The group members share exam questions, samples, and templates with one another.

  1. Project Management Courses

 Join the Project Management Courses group to know about latest job openings, courses, and webinars in project management.

  1. Free Project Management Books and Knowledge, Prince2 and PMP Exam Guidance

A Facebook page where PM enthusiasts share their knowledge, materials, and books on project management for free. If you are appearing for PRINCE2 or a PMP exam, this platform is perfect for you.

  1. PMP Materials Project Management Professional

Share your knowledge and materials for the PMP exam with others through the PMP Materials Facebook group.

  1. Design, Construction and Project Management

In this forum, participants can discuss any issues related to design, engineering, construction, and project management.

  1. World of Project Management

World of Project Management is a group where one can learn project management concepts, share materials to prepare for PMP, apply for PM jobs, grow their project management network, and meet any PM experts.

  1. Project Management Professional (PMP)-PMBOK- Guide 6th Edition PMLearning

This Facebook group helps those who wish to pass their PMP exams on their first try.

  1. Agile Project Management

If you are someone interested in agile methods for managing projects, join the Agile Project Management Facebook group to meet, discuss, and network with like-minded people.

4. Quora Spaces

  1. Project Management

Engage in discussions with like-minded individuals about all things project management and get all your queries answered in the Project Management Quora space.

  1. Agile Project Management

Join the Agile Project Management space to learn how to use agile methods to fit any situation, understand the impact of agile on project management, and have objective discussions with other agile enthusiasts.

5. Influencers

  1. Bob Sutton

Bob Sutton is a professor of management science at Stanford University. He is a New York Times bestselling author who has written books about workplace and leadership. Through his social media, he shares his insights about how to improve a workplace so employees can thrive.

  1. Steve Gutzler: Founder and President of Leadership Quest, International Keynote Speaker and Best Selling #Author Inspiring Greatness in Others #Leadership #EmotionalIntelligence, and #Inspiration

Steve Gutzler is a thought leader, international keynote speaker, and one of the leading authorities on emotional intelligence. He teaches leaders and teams to reach their full potential by building courage and instilling confidence.

  1. Elizabeth Harrin: Providing education and mentoring to project managers

With 20 years of experience in the field as a project manager, Elizabeth Harrin mentors project managers and their teams to get a lot more done without stressing out too much. She has written books about project management and has a blog called Rebel’s Guide to Project Management.

  1. Lindsay Scott: Enthusiastic PMO bod. Dir of Project Management Recruitment business – Arras People. Co-editor of Handbook of People in PM. PMO flashmobber

Lindsay Scott is a co-founder of House of PMO, an organization to help PMOs develop themselves and contribute to the growth of the PMO profession. She is a blogger, mentor, coaches, and trains anyone looking to advance in their careers as a PMO.

  1. Susanne Madsen: Executive coach. Project Leadership trainer and speaker. Author of The Power of Project Leadership -now in 2nd edition

Susanne Madsen is a well-recognized project leadership consultant and a trainer. She works with various international organizations where she conducts leadership development programs to help project managers become incredible leaders.

  1. Cornelius Fichtner: Project manager, PMP trainer, host of The PM Podcast

Cornelius Fichtner is a renowned project management expert. He has created the PM PrepCast, a podcast dedicated to help students prepare for the PMP exam. Till date, he has helped over twenty-five thousand students prepare for the PMP exam.

  1. Jennifer Bridges: Self-Paced Downloadable Courses for Project Managers on the Go to earn PMI PDUs

 Jennifer Bridges is a PMP and a personal development trainer dedicated to help and impact women in project management. With over twenty years of experience, she founded Rising UP LLC to teach and inspire women to establish their own businesses and create multiple streams of income.

  1. Brad Egelend

Named as the number 1 provider of project management content, Brad Egeland’s blog highlights his twenty-five-year experience as a project manager. Follow his blog to gain an in-depth and rare perspective about project management.

6. Podcasts

  1. Digital Project Manager Podcast

Hosted by Galen Low, the Digital Project Manager Podcast discusses all the latest trends in project management with professionals from various industries so you can collect insights and put them into action right away. You can listen to this podcast right here.

  1. Manage This Podcast by Project Managers for Project Managers

Conducted by Velociteach, this podcast is perfect for PMPs who want to earn their professional development unit (PDU). The Manage This podcast is aligned with PMI’s Talent Triangle.

  1. Roadmap- A podcast for aspiring product managers

If you’re a college student who finds it difficult to break into the product management space, the Roadmap podcast is perfect for you. Every Roadmap episode features a product manager from different organizations to talk about their product management journey.

7. PM News sites

  1. PMI News

Project Management Institute, a premier not-for-profit organization for project management professionals, disseminates latest news from the world of project management.

  1. Project Manager News

Project Manager News brings you the latest news, issues, debates, best practices, and emerging PM tools in the market. As the project management world is constantly evolving, they source news to inform and inspire new thinking. Check out their site here.

  1. Computer Weekly

Computer Weekly offers extensive coverage about challenges and trends that affect today’s IT leaders. It covers latest news through their digital publication for its 20,000+ subscribers. Subscribe to their newsletter to receive regular content.

  1. APM Organization

APM provides news and opinion about project management. Read latest insights thought leaders and industry professionals who address issues about project management. Access their news here.

8. Newsletters

  1. Project News

Sign up to the newsletter to get the latest news about project management, tips, and training from industry experts.

  1. The Project Group

The Project Group’s bi-weekly newsletter offers information about project, program, portfolio, and resource management. Subscribe to their newsletter to get their latest blogs about the industry.

9. Journals

  1. Project Management Journal

Published by the esteemed Sage Publication, the Project Management Journal is and academic and research journal of the Project Management Institute. It features in-depth research, techniques, and theories about project management. It aims to advance theory and evidence-based practice in the industry.

  1. International Journal of Managing Projects in Business

A leading journal in the field of project management and organization studies, the International Journal of Managing Projects in Business aims to publish innovative research to advance the field of project management.

  1. PM World Journal

Dedicated to creating and sharing knowledge about project management, PM World Journal aims to research and update the field of modern project management. It contains original articles, papers, case studies, and reports by researchers.

10. Magazines

  1. PM Today

PM Today is an online magazine for project managers and entrepreneurs building businesses anywhere in the world. It has more than five hundred authors writing on varied and relevant topics like thought leadership, business advice, and more.

  1. PMWorld 360

PMWorld 360 has a diverse team of experts from the field of project management. They cover PM certifications and training, methodologies, career in PM, etc. Read more about project management in their magazine here.

11. Blogs

  1. Rebel’s Guide to Project Management

Formerly known as Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Rebel’s Guide to Project Management is a blog started by Elizabeth Harrin. This blog gives practical solutions to project managers who look after multiple projects at the same time and want less stress in their life. You can check out the blog here.

  1. Project Times

PM Times is an online publication which has in-depth articles, blogs, whitepapers, templates, webinars, about project management. It regularly publishes relevant content about development in the project management industry. Click here to head over to their website.

  1. PM Results

Gren Gale’s Project Management Results pushes the boundaries of distributed work. He has managed small to large scale projects distributed across the globe with remote working. If you wish to know more remote work and project management, read his blog for detailed insights.


Project Management Institute’s official blog offers productivity tips, in-depth insights and latest trends about project management, information on how to advance in your career as a project manager, and more. Check out the official blog here.

  1. The Lazy Project Manager

Peter Taylor is a leading author of books like ‘The Lazy Project Manager’ and ‘The Lazy Winner’. Through his blog, he helps project managers to work smarter, not harder. You can check out his blog right here.

  1. Project Management Essentials

Alan Zucker’s Project Management Essentials covers a range of topics on agile project management, project leadership, productivity, and more. To know more, you can check out his blog right here.

  1. Productivity Land

Productivity Land reviews and recommends the best software and tools to increase productivity when managing a project. Click here to find the list of some of the most useful productivity tools.

  1. PM Student

Margaret Meloni trains project managers online by sharing real-life lessons of the industry. Through blogs like ‘Delegation Tips for Project Managers’ or ‘Are YOU Taking Credit FROM the Team or WITH the Team?’ she helps them navigate the human side of project management.

  1. Mb Consulting

Mary Beth Imbarrato’s blog focuses on helping you improve your project management skills, project strategic planning, challenges in planning, and more. To know more, click here.

  1. Beyond the chaos

Susan Fennema’s chaos-kicking approach to businesses will help project managers understand how to handle projects of all sizes in a more organizational way. Her blogs cover topics like ‘Managing Deadlines with Concise Communication’, ‘Policy, Processes, and Procedures’, and more.

  1. PM Aspirant

PMAspirant is a project management blog helping project managers with PMP certification. The site offers step-by-step instructions with examples for completing the PMP application, helpful tips, and Project Management Resources for the PMP exam. Learn more here.

12. YouTube Channels

  1. Learn Project Management in 8hrs

In this YouTube video, you’ll get to learn project management right from the basics, moving on to different concepts in project management, learn about different project management tools, and finally look at interview questions to ace any project management interview.

  1. Project Management Simplified: Learn the Fundamentals of PMI's Framework ?

Deniz Sasal explains project management fundamentals of the PMI framework in just fifty minutes in a detailed video. He has divided the video in snippets so you can directly skip to that section if you wish.

  1. Project Management Tutorial (Complete Course)

Prepare for a career in project management with the help of this specialized training designed by Google. Over six courses, you will be prepared for an entry-level job.

  1. Introduction to Project Management (2020)

This video covers the fundamentals of project management like concepts, tools, and techniques. Once you complete this video, you’ll learn how to manage and structure your own project and know what makes a project successful and what doesn’t.

  1. The Basics of Good Project Management

A lecture by Greta Blash, she breaks down what it takes to successfully manage a project, from initiation and planning to monitoring and finally completing the project.

  1. Top 13 Project Management Skills All Project Managers Need

Jennifer Bridges, PMP, takes you through the full list of project management skills including leadership, change management, process management, and more.

  1. Project Management Techniques You Need to Master TODAY

Project managers have to use techniques to successfully complete their projects. In this video, you’ll get to learn the top 8 project management techniques and how to implement them.

  1. How to plan and manage your projects efficiently

 To complete a project stress free and on time, check out this robust technique you can rely.

13. Books (for startups and project managers)

  1. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, by the Project Management Institute

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) contains terminologies and guidelines for project management overseen by the Project Management Institute. It is an important guide for project managers as it standardizes PM practices throughout departments.

  1. The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done, by Peter Drucker

This book is highly recommended to all working professionals. It describes how to make your executive team more effective, in turn, making the whole organization more effective.

  1. Project Management Case Studies by Harold Kerzner

The Project Management Case Studies covers more than hundred case studies from real companies that act as a measure of successful and failed project management. It represents different industries, right from pharmaceuticals to aerospace industries.

  1. Brilliant Project Management: What the Best Project Managers Know, Do and Say by Stephen Barker and Rob Cole

Covering over thirty years of experience in this book, you can learn how to manage projects that meet deadlines consistently and within budgets and make success of any project.

  1. Zero to One by Peter Thiel

A must-read for start-ups, this book covers the importance of a team culture, strong foundations, and determination. Peter Thiel further adds how companies need to think outside the box and innovate instead of copying others.

  1. Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management by Scott Berkun

This book covers all aspects of project management, from practical methods to getting things done on time, to becoming a great leader and inspiring your team to do the best.

  1. Strategic Project Management Made Simple, by Terry Schmidt

A practical resource, learn how to plan, manage, and execute projects in any organization. This book also gives a step-by-step guidance on project design.

  1. The Lean Start-up by Eric Ries

Eric Ries came up with the idea for the lean start-up when he was working as a start-up advisor, employee, and founder. He describes his lean start-up strategy for companies to become successful with different techniques.

  1. The Scrum Master’s Path, by Liam Taylor

The Scrum Master’s Path describes why SCRUM maybe the best framework for your project and help your team achieve project success. It is also a crash course that will help you get your SCRUM certification.

Having extensive Project Management Resources just a click away can be.  advantageous to all project managers. You can connect and network with like-minded individuals, improve your knowledge, and stay informed about the project management industry.